ROG MASTERS was announced with the prize pool in the sum of $250,000

Today the CS:GO championship — ROG MASTERS has been announced, which prize pool will amount a quarter of a million dollars.

ASUS ROG has informed that the upcoming tournament will be carried out on a few continents and representatives of 30 countries of the world will be among participants. Matches will start in June and will be hosted till November.

ROG MASTERS will be carried out in 4 stages:

1) Open qualifications

Many teams from 4 regions will take part in the open qualifiers: Asia-Pacific region, America, China and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). 12 trips to the 2nd stage of the tournament will be prepared for Asia-Pacific region and EMEA for each of them. 8 teams will be able to get to the second stage from America. The only winner of the Chinese qualification will pass to the third stage of the tournament.

2) Regional qualifications

Regional qualifying rounds will be hosted in three regions: in Asia-Pacific region, EMEA and America. One best team from each division will be selected, which will go to the 3rd stage, where it will be already waited by a Chinese representative, who has won in the 1st stage.

3) The regional final

After the end of the regional final, 6 teams will be determined, which will pass to the final stage of the tournament — ROG MASTERS Grand Finals. Two teams from Asia-Pacific region will get to the Grand Final and, also, two teams from EMEA. One team from America and China will be sent to the final stage.

4) The Grand Final

Details of the 4th stage will be announced later.

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