Loord will play for Team Kinguin on ESEA Season 25 Global Challenge

Recently, the information appeared that the coach of Team Kinguin will stand in for Hyper, who won’t be able to participate in LAN-final because of the visa problems.

The Polish team managed to get into the final stage of 25th season of ESEA, by taking 3rd place in ESEA #25 Premier Division - Europe. They demonstrated a better game than 21 teams in the league. However, the players won’t be able to participate in the event in a full and habitual roster, as one of the members of the Polish team, Bartosz «Hyper» Wolny has problems with visa and will miss the LAN-final. Mariusz «Loord» Cybulski will play with his team to compete for the champion title and the main money prize of $18,000.

ESEA Season 25 Global Challenge will take place in Burbank, California from September 23 – 24. The prize pool for LAN-final is $50,000.

Loord was one of most well-known esports players of the previous decade. Playing CS 1.6 on the professional arena, Mariusz won World Cyber Games 2006 and got the reward of $60,000, that was rather impressive in 2006. Also, Loord became the champion of the first season of Intel Extreme Masters series, which are still held regularly and have rather impressive prize pools. Except for WCG 2006 and Intel Extreme Masters I, Loord won the following tournaments: ESWC 2007, ESWC 2008, WCG 2009, WCG 2011, Intel Extreme Masters VI, WEG e-Stars 2010 и WEG e-Stars 2011, and also took the second place on Intel Extreme Masters III.

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Team Kinguin will play in the following roster:

Michał «MICHU» Müller
Grzegorz «SZPERO» Dziamałek
Karol «rallen» Rodowicz
Mikołaj «mouz» Karolewski
Mariusz «Loord» Cybulski (coach & stand-in)

ESEA Season 25 Global Challenge list of participants:

Space Soldiers
Rise Nation
FlipSid3 Tactics
Team Kinguin
Grayhound Gaming