HS: «It was my dream to qualify to the Major»

Let’s start with the beginning of your team. On 9 March 2017 you created as a team, so how were your formed?

Basically, it began that we chose PENTA because sunNy was going to sign with PENTA and kRYSTAL wanted to make a team with sunNy, so they were looking for players and they found me. There were no better options so they chose me, Innocent and ZehN. For them that was best option at that time, so they just went with the best possible.

To the Major you qualified from the open qualifiers from Minor. What was your way from the start, like preparation, etc?

So the first call was to get to the Minor, so we started with online qualifiers. We basically took that as practice. But we were not strong in the beginning in the open qualifiers. And in the qulifiers to Minor, we lost one or two maps and in the minor we did not lose any map. So it ended up really good for us but we did not prepare anything special. We just played our game best and overcame most of our opponents.

After the qualifiers did you prepare something special?

Yes, after the Minor, we started to prepare more stuff, for example setups or some more in-depth tactics like more complicated stuff that included everybody in the team having a certain role. We swapped some positions around to make our game stronger because we felt we had some weaknesses in our positions.

Did you expect that you will go to Major?

Personally I expected it. It was my dream to qualify to the Major for a long time, but recently I’ve realized that it was possible for us for sure, and that we would made it and I think everybody of us believed it. That’s why we made it.

Like this was your first Major? How it was?

It the biggest event I’ve been to, and of course it’s really cool but the goal was to take the stage like and it’s nothing special. It’s like we were played better upon us but we were the one to attend the big stage to experience real high-level of cs.

What about the mistakes in your play in the Major?

In the Major, we had a lot of problems in our games, because we failed to make a big plan for our enemies and we did not have our coach with us. So we had some troubles with preparing to opponents and we did not feel like we have not enough free time and also our mood was not so good as we lost closed games. And it made our mood worse and worse as the tournament went on.

Did not have your coach was the big part of your results?

Our coach made a lot of preparations for us, and he looked at our opponents very thoroughly, and he prepared for all rounds and chested all the things that our opponents could abuse upon us. He just found out weaknesses of the enemies and made like a game plan for us that was really easy to understand. And we did not have a good plan. That’s why we lost I think.

Did you like the Major?

Yes, I think people were really good and did the job really well.

What will do you next, like some reshuffles or some stuff like that?

We do not know yet, but we will have a long break like all the other teams during August.
We gonna think about everything and we gonna wait for invites for some bigger tournaments and stuff.

As I know, In August there will be qualifiers to ELEAGUE season 3, will you play there?

Of course we will take part in the biggest qualifies that we’ll have time for so we will try qualify to all of the biggest events.

Let’s talk about this Major. Did you expect that results from BIG?

We knew they were quite good, but we did not expect that can do that. And we are happy for them as we are close friends we play against them all the time. And we know they can play good and they showed that up.

Do you practice between?

Yes, we practice, and we played a lot of official games as well.

Any thoughts about Na’Vi, FlipSid3 Tactics or Gambit?

I think Na’Vi and FlipSid3 are different from Gambit. Like really slowly playing. They have really good individual players. Na’Vi have a lot of individually strengths. FlipSid3 have really good game, that creates really good game for them. In Gambit they have AdreN, mou, they’re showing up all the time and can won games alone. I feel like Gambit are based more on the individual players than team play.

Do you like the new map veto?

I guess it ok, because we are like underdogs and we and it’s easier for us this way. It’s benefiting for us until we are not considered underdogs.

Is it better to play for you bo3 than bo1?

Maybe the elimination game should be best of three but not the other games.
Like you have two loses and the third loss should be played like elimination game. I mean best of three.

How it was like to be the second Estonian player with ropz in this Major?

I don’t really consider nationality the thing because it does not matter where are you from, if you have enough talent and you are coordination, you will get far. Of course, I’m happy that we are the first Estonian players to get to the Major, but to me the nationality does not actually matter.

Why do international teams not win the Majors like teams for one country?

In international teams you have lots of communication problems because not every country has a good English level. Maybe the players don’t know it so well and of course it’s hard when the players do not speak their mother language, so this is the major problem for the international teams.
The other one is that team players from a different country have different styles of a play. Like you have 5 different players from 5 different countries trying to play the same style it’s going to be a big problems as they all play different and they have to get used to each other and it’s going to take a lot of time.

Was that a problem for you to communicate in English?

We did not have problems with it but of course it was not as good for us as it could be. But we did not have big problems with communication.