Elisa Esports will host the first tournament using Ancient in the mappool

Elisa Esports told that hold CS: GO-tournament in a series of Invitational in 2021 and introduced the first eight participants who received direct invitations. The most notable feature of the announcement is the use of Ancient instead of Train in the map pool that Valve introduced on May 4th.

20 teams will compete in the event. Four of them will start immediately from the playoff stage, and who exactly will receive such a privilege is currently unknown.

HAVU Gaming, EPG Family, forZe, SKADE, ENCE, Team Endpoint, SAW and Ticked Esport received invitations to the main stage of the tournament. It is preceded by a qualification, where eight more invitations will be played. Among the invited rosters: NAVI Junior, Double Poney, Apeks, Young Ninjas and others.

The qualification kicks off on May 6 and the main event on June 3. The total prize pool for the championship should be $ 100,000, and the Elisa Invitational Summer 2021 is part of the Champion of Champions series. The latter has a prize pool of $ 2,700,000.