An unexpected twist - Astralis became the first team to leave BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021

One of the main favorites suffered a heavy defeat. Astralis were unable to win any map against OG. They were closest to their goal on the map Dust 2. On Inferno they took only 7 rounds and when they had time to play a little, they went to Dust 2. At first, the game there also went not in favor of the Danes, but later gla1ve with his teammates was able to make comeback. To determine the winner on the second map, the teams needed a series of additional rounds.

As a result, the European roster OG prevailed over the Danes, and Astralis, in turn, became the first participant to leave the BLAST Premeir Spring Showdown 2021. For the 9-16th place, the team received a consolation prize of $ 3,750. This BLAST Premier season, Astralis' participation came to an end faster than expected.

OG advanced to the next round and will face the winner of the G2 Esports vs Endpoint pair there. At the moment, these teams are just taking part in the duel, while G2 are still leading with a score of 1-0.

[matches_VJkbISQ - K]

BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021 started today and will end on the 18th. The total prize pool for the championship is $ 162,500. The teams were divided into two groups, in which, in fact, the matches are held. The teams that take the first places in these eight will receive $ 30,000 each and invitations to BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2021.