ESL Pro League Season 13: BIG Failed To Win Debut Match

The first game day within ESL Pro League Season 13 has come to an end. In Group A, three teams have been identified that have more chances of reaching the playoffs.

If the first two confrontations were somewhat boring and ended with a score of 2-0, then there was a lot of heat in the confrontation between BIG and OG. The first two maps ended with a score of 16-14, and in the last BIG they were tired and could not take more than 6 rounds. Note that OG played alongside the substitute player niko (not to be confused with NiKo).

By the way, in the match between Heroic and Renegades, the Danes prevailed on the first map with a score of 19-16 and the meeting was also tense, but only on the first map.

Results of matches of the first game day


ESL Pro League Season 13 runs from March 8 to April 11. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 750,000, and the main prize money is $ 175,000. In the group stage, for each victory, the teams will receive cash bonuses of $ 5,000.