Snow Sweet Snow # 2: AGO made the playoffs

All matches of the fourth round have come to an end. Trident Club, Movistar Riders and Team One left the championship, and such teams as SINNERS, AGO and Nemiga managed to make it to the playoffs.

Results of the fourth round

Top matches

Bottom matches

As a reminder, earlier HAVU Gaming and Winstrike became the first teams to reach the playoffs. GODSENT and 100PingGods, in turn, were the first in the main Swiss stage to complete their path in the championship. Tomorrow in the fifth round the teams will play for the last invites in the final stage.

[matches_Z7oataJ - C]

Snow Sweet Snow Season 2 runs from February 15th to March 10th. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 100,000, and the main prize is $ 40,000.