MOUZ and EC Kyiv qualified for IEM Dallas 2022 for Europe

The first open qualifier for IEM Dallas 2022 has ended, following which the MOUZ and EC Kyiv teams advanced to the closed qualifiers. This qualification will take place from 2 to 4 May online.

The first lucky winner was the MOUZ team, which, within the framework of the open qualification, outplayed TimingIsAll (16:1), xDDdd (16:2), cowana Gaming (16:4), KOVA Esports (16:14), Sprout (16:11), INDE IRAE (16:13) and FTW Esports (2:0).

However, the real sensation of the open qualifiers was the Ukrainian team EC Kyiv, which turned out to be stronger than Hlebywek (16:2), 10avg (16:6), Dynamo Eclot (16:12), BIG (16:9), No Limit Gaming (19:17), SKADE (16:13) and Copenhagen Flames (2:1).

Currently, the list of participants in the closed qualifier for IEM Dallas 2022 for Europe is as follows: Entropiq, fnatic, Movistar Riders, Outsiders, MOUZ and EC Kyiv.

Results of IEM Dallas 2022 Europe Open Qualifier 1