Seeding teams for WePlay Academy League Season 2 presented

The seeding of teams for WePlay Academy League Season 2 is presented. At the same time, the organizers shared a detailed schedule and starting pairs in each group.

Group A includes NAVI Junior, BIG Academy, Young Ninjas and Astralis Talent. Let us remind you that the Danish team will perform at the tournament with a substitution. Group B will be represented by the winner of the first season of the League - team mouz NXT. She will be joined by Fnatic Rising, FURIA Academy and VP.Prodigy.

Starting pairs in Group A:

Group B starting pairs:


Recall that WePlay Academy League Season 2 will be held from September 28 to November 14 in several stages. The first stage, namely the group stage, will take place online from 28 September to 5 October. At this stage, eight teams will be divided into two groups (four teams in each) to compete for a place in the playoffs. It is noted that only the strongest team will advance directly to the playoffs from each quartet.

In turn, the teams that took places from 2nd to 3rd will receive tickets to the Last Chance group stage, where they will compete for the two remaining places in the playoffs from October 7 to 9, also online.

The final stage of WePlay Academy League Season 2 will take place from November 12 to 14 at the WePlay Esports Arena in Kiev, where the majority of the prize pool will be drawn.