Complexity outplayed FaZe Clan at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021

Complexity defeated FaZe Clan at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021, thus debuting with coldzera in the lineup. Now the team will play with NAVI in the final of the upper bracket and compete for a ticket to BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021.

The encounter with the FaZe Clan began on Nuke, which immediately revealed the Galacticos' defensive weaknesses. This advantage was skillfully used by blameF, having issued an easy victory both in the first half and on the map as a whole - 16: 8.

The choice of Ancient by the FaZe Clan team did not bode well, and in the attack, the "hosts" showed a good game, having entered into their asset seven rounds. It seemed that FaZe Clan would quickly resolve all issues at its peak, until Complexity escaped defeat and, at the same time, reduced the fate of the map to overtime. Well, at the very end of the fight, "Galacticos" did not come up with anything against Complexity, giving a sensational victory at Ancient - 19:16.

Today, September 25, Complexity will meet with NAVI for a place in the group stage grand final. In turn, FaZe Clan will play with the OG team for the right to save life in this tournament.


BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 runs from September 16 to September 26 online. Sixteen teams are competing for a prize pool of $ 150,000, as well as eight tickets to the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021.