Arctic Invitational

General information

Arctic Invitational 2019 will be held on 14 September, its main prize pool will consist of €100,000, and its division will be done by 4 teams: Cloud9, CR4ZY, FURIA Esports, and SJ Gaming. C9, CR4ZY, and FURIA got direct invitations from the organizers of the tournament, while SJ Gaming became the fourth participant thanks to victory at the offline tournament eSM 2019. Initially, NRG Esports had to some instead of Cloud9 but they pulled out of the tournament due to the overlapping schedule. The championship will be held in Helsinki and the holding place of the event will be Hartwall Arena.

Prize pool

One hundred thousand euro will be shared between the teams in the following:

Holding format

Four teams will be placed in the single elimination bracket, and all the matches will be held in the Bo3 format. This is one of some tournaments where only two matches will be held.