The Most Popular eSports Games for Betting

Since the '80s, gaming has been around, but the advent of eSport has spiced everything about sports betting. There is a growing demand for online eSports betting. Many tournaments are being held on various betting sites, with many prizes to be won. eSports have systematic and tournament instruction, differentiating them from the usual gaming that has existed. It is competitive, and players can win real cash.

Many videogames are now getting the competitive treatment given to eSport these days. There is a rise in the number of skilled tournaments, with various gamers competing for prizes, sponsors, attracting fan base, etc. ESports games are broadcasted on network television and streamed on platforms such as YouTube and the likes. ESports has come a long way and has gathered attention from various websites that offer eSports odds to make eSport betting possible.

The best online casino 2022 now offers betting odds on major eSports games. This means that you can bet on teams that win an eSports event or other themed casino games eSports bets are placed on eSports betting sites.

Below are some of the most popular games worth betting on

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

There is no doubt that this is the most popular eSport game globally. This multiplayer online battle arena allows players to compete for various virtual items. GS: GO dates back to the early 2000s and has entertained players since then. The game experiences updates through patches and has the biggest eSport market for weapon skins. Annually major events like IEM Katowice, ESL One Rio De Janeiro, DreamHack Anaheim, and ESL One Cologne, including other leagues like the Blast premier, have been held.

The prize pools in these events are huge as the events accumulate up to a million viewers. The popularity of CS: GO is no surprise at all. A writer on betting, Albert sheng, states that the main pro of this game is its volume. There is no offseason and so on.

League of Legends World Championships

LoL is quite popular as it has impacted growth in the gambling industry. Its popularity in Asia has made it an often played game. It is a highly famed PC game globally, with 8 million players worldwide. A total prize pool of $80million has been won over the official eSports league related to LoL.

Writer on eSports, Steven Rondina, suggests ways to play and bet on LoL, including having a good team. If you are betting on eSports, it is advisable to try out LoL.

Dota 2

Developed by valve, this game is the closest to CS: GO in tournament prize pools, wager interest, and viewership. This game is one of the biggest in the world, with its top earners hailing from 16 different nations.


Dota 2 has been ranked as the second most popular eSports option at most eSports betting websites. The total prize pool of Dota 2 is what sets it above others, although the prizes depend on your level. The contest has a large prize pool funded by fans who buy the in-game compendium. This compendium contains all sorts of items such as new game modes, challenges, and skins. 25% of the compendium goes as the prize money, which has surpassed $34million within the past years.

RL (Rocket-League)

RL is a unique eSport, it is easily described as soccer with rocket cars, and two sides are expected to push the ball around in the opposite side's post. Rocket League sees three seasonal contests and also has weekly events. The annual prize is about $4.5million.

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There are a few facts to keep in mind when discussing whether Fortnite is a true eSports sport. Namely, he awarded huge sums to its top players worldwide for an eSport that has been around for a relatively short period.

People have won more on this eSport than on the others in terms of winning. From its creation till now, it has over 250 million registered users across various platforms.


Blizzard Entertainment has created some very spectacular eSports, and this shooter is one of them. Overwatch is a combination of shooter-related elements and heroic elements. The video game allows you to choose between hero, tank, damage hero, or support hero.

In 2018 the Overwatch league was launched, and it takes on a Call of Duty style. It consists of locally based teams from all around: North America, East Asia, etc.


FIFA can boast of its widespread popularity. It has a lot of loyal fans who bet on any FIFA-related event, wagering from the FIFA world cup and other national series. It is one of the AI-assisted eSports as there are eleven players, and a gamer can only control one at the moment. The prize is quite lucrative at about $500000. That is why bets on this video game are very popular. The best casino reviews can help you choose a good casino to bet on FIFA, or you can try betting on other themed games.

StarCraft II

This is an old strategy game. It still holds its position among popular eSport games. Most of its gamers are from South Korea, and it is televised every once in a while. The ESL Pro Tour for Starcraft ii has about $4million in prizes. It gets a lot of wagers from around the globe, making it quite popular.


There are many other eSports, such as the Battle Royale game Apex Legends. The demand for these games is on the rise. Many platforms are adding them to their systems.

It can provide a rewarding way to earn and has been considered for the Olympics. The above mentioned are the finest of the finest, some of them have gained fame through time while some due to how good they are. These eSport matches add something essential to the old gaming practices. Making it possible to gain cash through video gaming.