To play and not to lose: secrets of the strategies of professional gamblers making bets on esports

According to the recent facts, esports has been one of the most popular sports such as football and hockey for four years, which is an especially good result for a kind of sports that arose «underground».

As the views of esports matches grow, the quantity of gamers that want to heighten the interest in the tournaments and majors with a bet also grows. Therefore, the bandied phrase «yesterday a gamer, today a gambler» is relevant as never before.

But taking into account the young age and inexperience of the audience that starts betting, it is likely to arise a problem. And even you are an example of it, as if you are interested in a winning strategy of making bets, your last bet was likely to be unsuccessful, or maybe a series of your bets turned out to be fruitful, or you have never arrived at a decision to pass from looking to making money.

So now we are going to tell you what the notion of a winning esports bet hides and believe it or not: the strategy itself is a low priority.

Provide yourself with information

It’s not difficult to notice that the majority of people who make bets on esports are not accidental passers-by, but real gamers that have played either Dota 2, CS:GO or LoL – in general, any of the disciplines. What conclusion can we reach here?

Approximately 80% out of successful gamers are former or current players of real esports teams. The reason is easy: only a player can understand the conjuncture of the discipline and see what factors are more likely to define the results of any of the meetings. Moreover, esportsmen have a chance to be a part of esports, to communicate with other players and to understand the current psychology of teams.

Three tips to collect information correctly

Maybe you don’t have such an opportunity, but thanks to open resources, you can become at least an informed better easily, but you should learn to use theses resources properly. There are three tips how to start to move in the direction of the professional gambling.

Watch, watch and watch

First of all, stop treating esports as an entertainment. Watching only interesting meetings and big event is a great mistake. You should take to heart any free information which means that you also need to watch matches of the qualifiers for an insignificant minor with a prize pool of only several thousands of dollars. It will help you to understand the team, situational style of their game, level of preparation of the players and their motivation to win which is an extremely important factor.

Follow the players individually

CS:GO as an example: every team has one-two frag leaders that are able to change the course of the game even if the others play poorly. However, the attitude of the frag leaders will define whether this leadership will be revealed during the meeting.

For example, the old Guardian of the times of golden victories of Na’Vi was able to defeat any team and even when the decline appeared, people continued believing in the Slovak. If gamers had treated the game logically, seen the quantity of his played hours spent on preparation for events and visited his streams several times, it would have become known that nothing could turn the things back and it was technically useless to make a bet on Na’Vi. Therefore, the individual factor is something you need to pay attention to all the time.

Take statistics into account


You can easily follow any metric of teams and players on the Internet: common win rate, win rate against some specific teams, statistics of kills of the players etc. Any meeting should be analyzed separately. For instance, let’s imagine that G2 is playing with FaZe at the quarterfinal of a major.

Collect all the information about the previous meetings of these teams with the same roster, look at the results of frag leaders, analyze strong maps of any of the teams and make a supposition about the result. Though, the statistics is a partly good helper as win streak can end up any moment. That is why you should not only consider the statistics, but also analyze – follow any team, player and psychology in general without tying in to numbers.

Strategies for bets

In fact, the more you try, the more you understand what line of the strategic behaviour should be kept to and what strategies should be combined to get a working method. Actually, there are at least two good approaches to betting that will let you increase your chance to win. But we should tell it now: any strategy without analytical information is a risky and useless undertaking.

Tricky compression system by Martingale

So, whatever is said about advantage of Martingale betting system, it can help you to increase your chance having analyzed the game properly. The sense of the strategies is the following:

Taking into account the flexible coefficients, the disadvantage if only the bank – it should not be small for you to have a reserve to cover bets in several months.

Oscar’s Grind strategy

This tactics also was taken from roulette, but unlike Martingale, it is less risky but the gain of the bank is less, but everything depends on your «paying capacity». The tactics is rather easy:

In practice, it is the following: from your bank of, for example, $1000, the sum of $100 (10%) is taken – this is the sum of the first bet and the bet for losses.

You start to play a cycle that is closed at four bets. To make it easier, let’s take the meetings with the coefficient of 2.

  1. $100, loss.
  2. $100, loss.
  3. $100, loss.
  4. $200, win, cycle is closed.

As we see in the example, as for Grind strategy, it is important to win two bets in a raw to close the cycle. If you choose and analyze the matches properly, you can make a bet on two winning events in a raw - not the most difficult task.

Main advice

Esports is not a roulette where the theory of probability and mathematical calculations can help you to understand what bet is winning. As in any other sports, heartless maps and balls oppose to human factor which is the most unpredictable thing that is impossible to foresee with the help of maths. So, the strategies are not more than systematization. If you want to win in reality, it is not obligatory to know about the strategies – the most important is to feel the game and to be good at the information.