How to Combine Study and Games Without Affecting Grades

Experience with games sparks huge passion and addiction that can last for an extended period. Combining study and games requires a lot of planning as you might end up spending too much time on one than the other.

The pressure of being efficient with time allied together with the feeling of mindlessness can make you think that games are unnecessary. Here are various ways to combine study and games without affecting grades.

Embrace each of them effectively

Unless you play the games until you meet your target, you will not feel like you have done anything important. The same applies to studies; you need to embrace them effectively. It's not something you will do for 30 minutes and claim that you have revised well.

Even if you are pretending that you are playing the games to expand your thinking, the primary goal is always entertainment. Just face it as it is. The majority of the decisions based on the game and studies will just come out automatically if you don't embrace them enough.

One of the best ways to combine

If you have a lot of assignments, you need to plan how you will do each of them while embracing gaming effectively. Buying a research paper online instead of tackling it for many days as you play the games can be a great way to combine both studying and games. You can also ask professional writers to "help me with my essay" to save your time and playing your favorite new game. Online service EduBirdie can deliver high quality research paper assistance for the college students provided they can embrace each activity with the seriousness it deserves. As a result, you will maintain your education grades with ease.

Condition your mind

Playing games is essential for the students if done with proper planning. Combining study and games is very tricky for most students. This happens mainly with students who have unrealistic academic goals. Most of them keep on stopping and restarting often, and this struggle can continue for a long time until they come up with a proper plan.

Instead of terming playing games as unproductive activity, you need to condition your mind that gaming is necessary to escape from the real world. Conditioning your mind will help you appreciate playing the games, and you won't struggle with the reality that games have nothing to do with your studies.

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Plan for the unproductive

Maybe you have experienced it, or you have seen one of your friends play games while going through it; “I will play for a few minutes.” Lack of planning for the unproductive time you are playing games can lead to a waste of time.

To combine study and games effectively, you need to understand that the time it takes to complete a task will automatically expand to fit in the available time. If you fail to define how long it will take to play the game, you will never get enough of it. The regrets will come when you are in bed thinking of the topics you didn’t cover.

Turn gaming into an event

To combine studies and the games, you need to treat each of them as slightly equally crucial to your life. If you treat playing games as a lesser activity, you will never plan effectively. You will always feel wasted and regret not working hard at the end of it.

If you turn the gaming into an important event by setting like 2 hours every weekend, you will always feel excited on that day. As a result, you will find it easier to combine study and sports due to treating each of them as an important event.

Stop gaming at the right time

It's normal for every student to feel that they don't have to follow their schedule. Also, having a strict schedule doesn't mean you will automatically follow it. Keep in mind that you are dealing with an addictive activity.

Every time you start gaming, ensure that you have a significant activity that will stop you from playing excessively. That will give you ample time to plan for your studies accordingly. Set a timer somewhere around your gaming area or get someone accountable to stop you from playing the game.


Effective planning, stopping the game at the right time, conditioning your mind, and turning each into an important event can help balance the two. You will enjoy the new experiences of the recent games while still excelling in your academics.

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