Games Of The Future: Does Virtual Sports Betting Offer The Same Thrill?

Almost all of the major sports betting sites today offer a range of virtual sports, which you can place a wager on 24 hours per day, and some of the most common virtual sports you can find today are virtual football, virtual horse racing, virtual cycling, virtual greyhounds, virtual motor racing, virtual speedway, and virtual trotting.

Are virtual sports games of the future, and do virtual sports offer the same thrill as regular sports betting? Find out right here.

What is virtual sports betting?

Virtual sports betting is now widely available at almost every fully licensed sports betting site in the world. However, not everyone has heard of virtual sports betting. The best way to describe it is that you can now bet on a wide range of virtual sports at any time of the day. It’s like watching a video game play out, and you can bet on the outcome of a game.

The results are pre-determined but still produce random outcomes that are about as fair and realistic as can be. Let’s just say you want to bet on a virtual football match. When you next visit, for example, 10Bet Africa, you need to visit the virtual sports betting section and click on the V-League button from the navigation bar. All you need then do is choose an event followed by a market that you like the look of.

If Aston Villa (aka V-Aston Villa) are playing Crystal Palace (aka V-Crystal Palace), and you think that Villa will win this match, simply select this bet and then enter the amount that you wish to bet. For this particular bet, you may find that Aston Villa (the home team) are likely to have European decimal odds of around 2.35 to win, and Crystal Palace (the away team) may have 2.66 odds to win. For the game to end in a draw, the odds might be 3.10.

Similarly, for Leicester to win a virtual match while playing at home to Chelsea, Leicester may have 3.05 odds to win, and Chelsea may have 1.99 odds to win. For the tie to end in a draw, this particular betting market is likely to come with around 3.42 odds. Don’t forget that at some betting sites, you can also switch between viewing the odds in American/Moneyline odds or in UK fractional odds rather than having to view them in European decimal odds.

Do I get to watch the virtual matches/events?

Yes. That’s what’s so fun about virtual sports betting. You actually get to watch as the action unfolds. Most events only last up to around 30 seconds max, and you can watch them play out on the screen in front of you. Once a virtual event has finished, any winnings that you made from your initial stake will instantly be credited to your account.

You can also now start betting on the next event as soon as your event has finished, but hurry because you generally only have a couple of minutes to place a bet before the countdown timer reaches zero. If you don’t place your bets in time, you still get to watch as the action unfolds, but you would have to wait for the next event to place a wager. There are no in-play betting options available in virtual sports.

What other virtual sports are there?

In addition to the V-League football betting options, there are several other types of virtual sports that you can place a wager on at the same trusted African online sports betting site that was mentioned above. Some of the other virtual sports apart from virtual football include virtual horse racing and/or virtual trotting, virtual dog racing (greyhounds), and virtual motor racing. You can also now find virtual speedway and virtual cycling events.

How many betting markets are there to place a wager on?

In most virtual sports, you generally only have one or two betting markets available, but for virtual football, you often have even more markets to bet on. For example, in virtual horse racing and virtual greyhound racing, you can generally only put your money on an outright winner or an each-way bet. However, in football, you generally have more betting markets to choose from, such as correct score, total goals (e.g., under/over 2.5 goals, or under/over 1.5 goals), and both teams to score (yes or no), as well as outright match winners.

If you’re looking for something completely different to put your money on and if you enjoy sports, the different virtual sports that you can now find online are well worth looking into.