Team For Champion Wins Tencent Video Fengshen Cup Season 2

Tencent Video Fengshen Cup Season 2 has come to an end. At the championship, which was held from April 18 to May 7 online, 16 Chinese teams fought for a prize pool of $45,069 and rating points in the Wild Rift Tour Season 1 table. Team became the winner of the tournament For Champion, which was stronger than Rare Atom in the grand final with a score of 4:2.

The tournament for the future winner began with a nondescript performance in the group stage, during which Team For Champion beat Bilibili Gaming (2:0), but lost to Super Vin Gaming (0:2) and Vortex Team (1:2).

Nevertheless, the Chinese team managed to make it to the playoffs, where they dealt with Da Kun Gaming (2:1), Ultra Fantastic Gaming (3:0), Trace Esports (3:2), Super Vin Gaming (3:1)) and Griffin (4:1), advancing to the grand final.

In the final match of the competition, Team For Champion proved to be stronger than Rare Atom (4:2), thanks to which they earned $22,535 and 60 WRT Points.

Results of Tencent Video Fengshen Cup Season 2