KT Rolster is the winner of WCK 2022 Spring

WCK 2022 Spring has come to an end. At the championship, which was held from February 21 to April 24 in Seoul at the LoL Park site, six South Korean teams competed for a prize pool of $80,517, as well as three tickets to the Icons Global Championship 2022. The winner of the tournament was the KT Rolster team, which is in a tough fight beat Freecs 4:3.

KT Rolster got off to a strong start in the championship with eight wins and two losses in the group stage. Having made it to the playoffs, the South Korean team beat T1 (3:2) and made it to the grand final. In the decisive match of the championship, KT Rolster won a victory over Freecs (4:3), thereby guaranteeing participation in the Icons Global Championship 2022 - Group Stage.

Note that the Freecs and T1 teams, which took second and third places, respectively, will also take part in the Icons Global Championship 2022, but will start their journey from the Play-In stage.

Results of WCK 2022 Spring