North America Series 2022 Season 1: Major 2 starts today!

From March 12 to March 13, North America Series 2022 Season 1: Major 2 will be held in North America, in which 8 teams will take part. They will compete for two invitations to the North America Series 2022 Season 1 with a prize pool of $80,000. In addition to the two invitations, a more modest prize pool of $15,000 will be raffled off as part of the ongoing Wild RIft event. The winner will take $6,000 and the vice-champion $4,000. All matches, with the exception of the grand final, will be held in the Bo3 format. The final match will take place in a series of up to three victories.

The tournament was attended by such teams as Cloud9, Immortals, Sentinels, NME, Tribe Gaming NA, 16-Bit Genesis, SuzakuGG and Reflexion. The teams will skip the traditional group stage and start fighting right away in the playoffs, the stage with the double-elimination bracket. All matches will be played online.

North America Series 2022 Season 1, where the participants of the upcoming event want to get through, starts on April 29 and ends on May 1. The total prize pool of the tournament will be $80,000, and 8 participants will distribute it. The winner will earn $30,000 and an invitation to the group stage of the biggest Wild Rift tournament, Icons Global Championship 2022.