Match Prediction: LOUD - Paper Rex | VALORANT

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VALORANT Champions 2023 continues to delight with top games. Now already in the play-offs.

The main stage of the championship in Los Angeles has already brought sensations, but there's more to come. Ahead is the top set of the World Championships.

The quarter-finals of VALORANT Champions 2023 will be opened by LOUD and Paper Rex. The match will be played in a bo3 format.

The winner of the bout advances to the next round, and by extension, the top 3 of the tournament. The loser falls to the lower grid, where he will meet the winner of the Fnatic/FUT Esports pairing.

We're trying to figure out which of the two worthy teams will guarantee themselves a slot in the top 3 after this match, and who will have to try their luck in the lower grid match or match.

Let's get started.

In-form Paper Rex

Let's open the showdown with an analysis of Paper Rex's form. In this match, the team will play as favourites.

Bookmakers believe in the success of the Singapore club, but with caution. The odds for their victory are at around 1.7.

In fact, we are facing a match between equal teams. I think that in reality we will see the same story.

Paper Rex had a very mixed performance in the 2023 season, but closer to the VALORANT Champions 2023 Long Season the performance has levelled off. Paper Rex arrived here as one of the top contenders for the cup and they seem to be moving towards their goal.

After starting the year by failing at LOCK//IN, where Paper Rex finished top-17-32, the team cameback in the regional league. At VCT 2023: Pacific League Paper Rex snatched a win from DRX, but both teams ended up going to Masters Tokyo 2023.

At the first Major of the season, PR made it to the top 3. In the grand finals, they were defeated by EG, who defeated Paper Rex 3-2.

  • Paper Rex roster: mindfreak, f0rsakeN, d4v4i, jinggg, something.

At Champions 2023 Paper Rex made it to Group A. There the team met with EDG, Giants, KRU. They finished the group on top 1 and a plus round difference of +19.

In the first play-offs Paper Rex played against FUT Esports. It was not difficult to get past the Turks: 13-10 Ascent and 13-4 Pearl.

Paper Rex Mappool

The most pickable maps are Haven (17 games, 47% wins) and Lotus (15 matches, 67% wins).

Ascent (12 games, 67% wins) and Pearl (10 games, 60% wins) are also in the pool.

Among the weaker picks are Fracture (43% wins with 7 matches).

Form LOUD.

We continue our match breakdown with an analysis of LOUD's match form. In this match, the Brazilian club will play as a number two.

Bookmakers do not really believe in the success of LOUD. The odds for LOUD's victory are at 1.9.

In general, all the way through the VALORANT Champions 2023 LOUD are catching up. And it's working.

LOUD have been at the top of their game during the 2022 season. In the past year, they played five championships, of which they won 3.

The list of triumphs includes VCT 2022: Brazil Stage 1 Challengers, VCT 2022: Brazil Stage 2 Challengers, but most importantly last year's VALORANT Champions 2022.

LOUD have maintained their ability this season. They started it with a top-2 finish at LOCK//IN Sao Paulo, and followed it up with a win at their home, the VCT 2023: Americas League.

Before Champions 2023, LOUD attended another international event. That was VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo, where the 2022 World Champions failed to reach the top. Their journey at the Tokyo Masters was interrupted by EDward Gaming, knocking LOUD out of the event at the Top 8 stage.

  • LOUD lineup: aspas, Less, saadhak, cauanzin, tuyz .

The "newcomers" of the line-up are cauanzin and tuyz. They replaced pANcada and Sacy in November last year and since then represent The International heresy LOUD on the international and home stage.

In the first match of VALORANT Champions 2023, the reigning world champions faced South Korea's first team DRX. The tense match ended in favour of the latter with a score of 2-1.

Then LOUD had to play for survival against Liquid. The Brazilians outclassed their European counterparts and closed the series 2-0, defeating Liquid 13-2 and 13-8.

After a solid win over Liquid, LOUD met another EMEA resident of the region, NaVi. Born to win fought fiercely, but after three lengthy maps 13-11 to Pearl, 11-13 to Ascent and 11-13 to Bind, Natus Vincere Ledgeili, putting LOUD through to the play-offs.

So far, the centrepiece match at Champions 2023 has been the clash with Fnatic. The reigning world champions not only outplayed the first challenger to this year's crown, but did so dry, which adds weight.

LOUD's Mapple

LOUD's most popular maps are Split and Ascent. Both have been played 11 times, where the former has a 64% winrate and the latter 73.

In addition, love Pearl. There in 9 matches LOUD has a 56% win rate.

The worst is at Lotus, where the Brazilians managed to win 3 matches in 3 matches.

Do not play Breeze.

History of head-to-head meetings

Previously, the teams have not played each other in head-to-head confrontations. This match is a debut match.

Predicted result of LOUD vs Paper Rex at VALORANT Champions 2023

After the game between LOUD and Fnatic, my faith in the Brazilians has increased many times over. I think they will win, because they have already beaten the nominal top 1 of the tournament, and before that they overcame the toughest group of the tournament.

However, the victory will not come easy. Paper Rex will definitely put up a fight and will probably take the map.

Bottom line: LOUD wins.

Now, the majority of bookmaker companies believe in Paper Rex victory. Odds on them are equal to 1.551. According to bookmakers data, LOUD are the outsider and odds on their victory amounts 3.805.

Team statistics in recent matches

Last MatchesLOUD Paper Rex
5 matches (wins)34
10 matches (wins)68

We will also remind you of the statistics of matches that the teams played with each other. The competitors have held 0 matches. In these matches LOUD won 0 times, Paper Rex active consisits of 0 wins.