Match Prediction: DRX - Evil Geniuses | VALORANT

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At VALORANT Champions 2023, the fierce battles continue on the top grid. We're watching the semifinals of the World Championships.

We're talking about the EG vs DRX match. This battle will decide the name of the team that will advance to the top 3 of the VALORANT Champions and will play against the winner of the LOUD/Paper Rex pairing in the next round.

A North American vs South Korean confrontation is exactly what is needed. Especially given the context of the game and a home championship for EG.

We're trying to figure out which team will be stronger and make it to the top 3, and who will have to play against the fierce Fnatic in the next round in a match for life.

Let's go.

Evil Geniuses uniforms

Let's open the match with an analysis of the Evil Geniuses home team's form. In this match, they play as favourites with odds around 1.4.

You can believe in EG's advantage, because they have the crowd on their side, and they are playing well. It could be better, though.

Evil Geniuses started the year by playing at LOCK//IN Sao Paulo. At the opening tournament of the new VCT system, EG finished in the top 16, which even if they wanted to, is not a good result.

After LOCK//IN, Evil Geniuses played the regular league of VCT 2023: Americas. Being TOP-1 in North America, the club finished VCT 2023: Americas League TOP-3.

The last tournament before VALORANT Champions 2023 was VCT: Masters Tokyo 2023. EG made it to the grand finals, but were stomped by Fnatic in the title match.

  • EG roster: Boostio, Ethan, jawgemo, C0M, Demon1 .

Roster is famous for its thrashtalk, and the sqThe International essence of this is Boostio and Demon1. As long as their behaviour is not punishable, then everything works.

In the group stage "evil geniuses" easily took the top 1, leaving behind FUT, T1 and FPX. In play-offs the first opponent of EG was EDG, who made the "evil geniuses" sweat on the first map, which EG eventually gave away (12-14 Split). Next up were two easy 13-5 losses to Ascent and Pearl.

EG Mappool

The most played map EG played was Ascent. There, Born to Win has 17 matches and a 71% win rate.

Another one of the easy maps is Pearl. It has 91% wins in 11 matches.

In the top 3 is Fracture with 64% wins in 11 matches.

DRX Form.

Let's continue the match analysis with DRX, who are number two in this match. The odds for them to win are at around 2.3.

DRX are slightly worse than EG in terms of performance, but to me the difference is nominal. However, the factor of EG's home World Cup plays in their favour.

South Korea's first team had a fruitful previous year. The team won literally everything they could at home and made three appearances on the international stage.

DRX played the Masters twice, first in Reykjavik and then in Copenhagen. Both times they finished in the top 6.

The main achievement was Champions 2022. DRX Ledge and Optic Gaming in the match for the Grand Final and left the tournament on the third line.

  • DRX roster: stax, Rb, Zest, BuZz, MaKo, Foxy9 .

DRX will go to Champions 2023 with 6 players on the roster. The latest addition to the team is Foxy9, and the five of stax, Rb, Zest, BuZz and MaKo have been playing together since last January.

Before Long Conner Champions 2023, the team made a Top 4 appearance at LOCK//IN Sao Paulo, and 2 more placings at VCT 2023: Pacific League. There was also an appearance at VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo, but like LOUD, they failed to jump above the top 8.

In the first match, DRX faced the titular LOUD. The Koreans managed to run over their Brazilian counterparts 2-1: Lotus (13-15), Split (13-6) and Ascent (13-8).

They got out of the group after beating NAVI with a 2-1 score and then overcame the first round of play-offs. There, with a 2-0 score, they were run over by BLG.

DRX Mappool.

DRX's most favourite map is Fracture. The team played 10 matches on it, of which they won 6.

Next were Ascent and Haven with identical indicators. Both maps were played 9 times and two of them won 5 times each.

The worst situation is on Bind. There the team has 7 matches, but only 2 wins.

History of personal meetings

Earlier the teams played each other at VCT Masters Tokyo. Then Evil Geniuses celebrated a 2-0 victory.

Predicted result of Evil Geniuses vs DRX at VALORANT Champions 2023

Taking into account the history of head-to-head meetings and overall performance in 2023, it is logical to assume that EG will win. However, DRX managed the group of death and looked very confident in the first match of the play-offs. I'll trust in one card from them, and then we'll see.

Bottom line: +1.5 on DRX.

Evil Geniuses are listed as the favorites of the match in the majority of bookmakers and odds on them are equal to 1.425. DRX, in turn, are the outsiders of the match. Odds on their victory are about 4.093.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesDRX Evil Geniuses
5 matches (wins)44
10 matches (wins)67

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The teams played 1 matches with each other before. In these battles DRX got 0 victories while Evil Geniuses managed to take 1 matches.