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North American eSports organisation 100 Thieves was founded back in 2016 by former professional player and content creator Nadeshot. The well-known American quickly set about developing his club, offering great opportunities for his players. It goes without saying that the owner's widespread fame has noticeably helped elevate the brand to the top and become a prominent force in his region.

Within the first few years, 100 Thieves came into some popular eSports disciplines such as Call of Duty, League of Legends and CS:GO. In addition, the club continued to rapidly develop its fan base, turning its attention to the emerging markets of Apex Legends and Fortnite.

As it moved forward, 100 Thieves had to cut costs by parting ways with its CS:GO and Fortnite divisions, which, while yielding results, took up enough energy and funds to develop. At the same time, the club managed to become part of the LCS for League of Legends, as well as entering the Call of Duty franchise.

At the same time, the North American organization drew attention to the newly released game VALORANT, which especially became popular in North America. From this point the modern chapter of the eSports club began, and it became a great example of a competent approach to business on the part of the owners.

History of 100 Thieves on VALORANT and early successes

100 Thieves came to VALORANT almost from the start of the discipline. As early as July, the club signed the famous HiKo around whom its first squad was built: Valliate, YaBoiDre, Venerated and Pride.

However it did not last long and in August the club had to make some changes in its structure. As a result, the organization managed to grab a few other experienced players from CS:GO, including nitr0, steel, Asuna, and dicey.

As the season progressed, the team managed to make history by winning First Strike North America. Furthermore, towards the end of the year, the North American team finished third at the JBL Quantum Cup.

The team's development in the VCT series

In their first full VCT season, the 100 Thieves began to reaffirm their status as the strongest team in North America. However, the first split was a failure that was mitigated by a victory at VCT 2021: North America Stage 2 Challengers 1.

Modest results continued to push the organisation to make changes to the line-up, which occurred on a regular basis.

However, success awaited the squad towards the end of the season, when they excelled during the third split and then reached the semi-finals of VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin. The 100 Thieves were still without a VALORANT Champions 2021, finishing only third in the regional Last Chance Qualifier.

A season of setbacks and constant rebuilding

In 2022 the 100 Thieves found themselves in a difficult situation. Before the start of the season all the leaders had left the squad, forcing the organization to look for fresh talent from within the competition scene.

However, their attempts to build a strong line-up proved a complete failure, as the team finished in last place in VCT 2022: North America Stage 1 Challengers.

Immediately after the first split, 100 Thieves began to rebuild, notably by signing Ethan. Immediately after the change of roster, the squad improved their result in the second split, and then qualified for the VALORANT Champions 2022 by winning the Last Chance Qualifier for their region.

However, the 100 Thieves team had a mixed season, managing to play in only one international tournament, finishing 9th-12th there. However, the greatness of the organisation did not go unnoticed, as Riot Games approved 100 Thieves as a partner for the following years.

The new head of the 100 Thieves team

Immediately after being announced as a partner, the 100 Thieves team decided to focus all their energies on strengthening their coaching staff, limiting themselves to the signing of star Cryocells.

Despite the trend that has led many affiliate clubs down the path of a complete roster refresh, the 100 Thieves organisation proved to be true to its players, saying goodbye to only one Will.

Such an approach paid off, as the team had already won Red Bull Home Ground #3 in the off-season, without losing a single match in the tournament. Already then many started to talk about the return of the squad to the top of the world stage, where 100 Thieves failed to jump after their successful debut on the stage.

Despite a disappointing exit from the quarter-finals of VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo, the team showed that they were ready to join the ranks of the strongest clubs in the world and represent their region on the international stage.

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In last matches for 100 Thieves played: Asuna Derrek Cryocells stellar bang
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