G2 Esports - Mandatory.gg Cup for VALORANT

The fourth European tournament of the IGNITION series - Mandatory.gg Cup - came to an end on July 2. In the fight for 15,000 euros, 32 teams came together. G2 Esports won again.

The team led by mixwell from the first match showed a confident attitude and unwillingness to give victory to anyone. G2 Esports made their way to the grand final of the championship without any problems, without losing a single map on the way. The rival of G2 in the grand final was the Swedish team Bonk. They also walked the grid, losing only one map on their way.

The grand finale was eventful but ended quickly. Mixwell and the team outplayed their opponents 3-0.

G2 earned € 10.000 and the Mandatory.gg Cup title. Bonk took the 2nd place and earned 3.000 euros. NiP and BBL Esports tied for 3-4 place and earned 1,000 euros each.

For mixwell and the team, this is already 4 won IGNITION tournaments. The team of former professional CSGO players is now unmatched in Europe.