AVANGAR disqualified from IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational

Crimson Esports will take their place in the event.

Qualifiers to IEM Oakland PUBG Invitational ended last week. 8 best teams from Europe and North America got the places in LAN-final. However, VANGAR, who took the first place in qualifiers, bent the rules about the documents necessary to get to USA. Instead of them, Crimson Esports, who took 5th place in the European qualifiers, will participate in the event.

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List of rules: https://pubg.iemoakland.com/iem-oakland-2017-pubg-invitational-europe-qualifier/rules

The rules say that the players should get a passport 6 months before a tournament starts and comply with all requirements to get USA visa and stay there till the end of the event.

The final stage of Intel Extreme Masters Oakland PUBG Invitational will be played on November 18 – 19 in Oracle Arena. The prize pool for the event is $400,000 and it will be distributed in the following way:

1 place — $200,000
2 place — $60,000
3 place — $45,000
4 place — $30,000
5 place — $20,000
6 place — $12,000
7 place — $10,000
8 place — $8,000

List of participants:

Team SoloMid
Team Liquid
Luminosity Gaming
The Alliance
Ninjas in Pyjamas
PENTA Sports
Evil Geniuses
Tempo Storm
Method Gaming
Crimson Esports
*AAA* Gaming
Team Pogchamp
Ghost Gaming
Ronin Esports
Miami Flamingos
Corn Shuckers