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We are nearing the climax of the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 where we are left to analyse and watch the last match. Meet the betting tip for the JD Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming match in the MSI 2023 Grand Final. A repeat of the LPL Spring 2023 final is just around the corner!

There is no need to talk about the importance of this match. The winner will clinch the MSI 2023 title, the first international title in 2023, the glory and status of best team in the world at least until Long Kong Worlds 2923. The loser remains one step away from triumph.

The match is crucial, whichever way you look at it. JD Gaming have long been in the shadow of the more successful teams in the East and are eager to win by all means, but their rivals are not watching out either.

We will try to see which team will be stronger to win the inaugural International Event title in 2023.

JD Gaming uniforms

We begin with an analysis of the form of the team that was the first to reach the Grand Final. This is JD Gaming, who qualified for the top-seeded final.

In the same final, they will be playing as favourites. The odds on the team's victory are estimated at around 1.5.

Explaining such a state of affairs is not difficult. That's what we'll do.

Let's start with the overall status of JD Gaming. In recent years it is one of the top favorites in international events, as evidenced by the fact that JDG got into the MSI Grand Final 2023.

In addition to status, JD Gaming has very visible results. It is the champion of the LPL Spring 2023, one of the premier professional leagues in the competitive world.

  • JD Gaming's line-up: 369, Kanavi, Knight, Ruler, Missing .

JD Gaming are the favourites to win the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 and they are still going strong. The first Bracket Stage series was 3-0 against Golden Guardians and then 3-0 against Bilibili, who had problems before the MSI 2023 Long Soppeg but they faded away once they raised the stakes to an international championship.

Next up, JD Gaming were waiting for a repeat of the Worlds 2022 quarter-final, but this time the result was different. In a hard-fought boo5 match, JD Gaming defeated Worlds League of Legends giants T1.

JD Gaming's most popular heroes

  • Top Line: Renekton (7 games, 71% wins), KSante (7 games, 85% wins), Sion (4 games, 100% wins)
  • Jungle: Wukong (5 games, 100% wins)
  • Centre Line: Ahri (3 matches, 100% wins).
  • Gunner: Zeri (2 games, 100% wins), Aphelios (2 games, 100% wins).
  • Supporters: Lulu (2 games, 100% wins), Rakan (2 games, 100% wins).

It will be extremely entertaining to watch the LPL Spring 2023 Grand Final and MSI 2023 Quarterfinal rematch between LPL representatives. JD Gaming have all the cards in hand, all that remains is to play them out competently.

Bilibili Gaming Form

We continue with the analysis of Bilibili Gaming's form. In this match they will play in the status of the outsider with the odds of victory in the region of 3.5.

Obviously, Bilibili Gaming will be in Underdog status. How else could it be, as this is the first time in the club's history that the team reaches the grand finals of such a prestigious tournament.

But what a journey they are on. Automatically, parallels with DRX's journey through Worlds 2022 come to mind.

Bilibili Gaming began their journey to the Grand Final with the Chinese LPL. After an average performance there in the group stage, the team transformed under the play-offs.

In the main stage of the LPL Spring 2023, the team beat grandees like Oh My God, Weibo Gaming, and reigning champions MSI 2023 RNG. However, these achievements pale in comparison to their performance at the Mid-Season Invitational 2023.

  • Bilibili Gaming: Bin, XUN, Yagao, Elk, ON.

Obviously, this Play-In roster at the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 was no match for them. MSI 2023 champion Bin and his teammates easily passed the Qualifiers stage, losing only 1 card to advance to the Bracket Stage.

Next was the MSI main stage where BLG first outplayed BLG, before losing to the LPL champions, compatriots from JD Gaming. However, their journey continued in the lower bracket, where BLG started to make history: first they defeated G2 Esports (3-1), then lightning-fast and unexpectedly overtook Gen.G, leaving the LCK champions without a chance to win.

However, the extravaganza didn't end there. In the small final of MSI 2023, Bilibili Gaming defeated the second LCK representative, the dreaded and awful T1, thus preventing them from breaking the curse of the grand final.

BLG's most popular champions

  • Top Line: Renekton (7 games, 71% wins), KSante (7 games, 85% wins), Sion (4 games, 100% wins)
  • Jungle: Wukong (5 games, 100% wins)
  • Centre Line: Ahri (3 matches, 100% wins).
  • Gunner: Zeri (2 games, 100% wins), Aphelios (2 games, 100% wins).
  • Sappers: Lulu (2 games, 100% wins), Rakan (2 games, 100% wins).

Bilibili Gaming are already winners of the championship, even in spite of the outcome of this match. Up to the title one, but very difficult match, after all it is necessary to beat the serious and principal enemy.

History of head-to-head encounters between Bilibili Gaming and JD Gaming

The teams have previously played each other three times during the season. All matches ended in favor of JD Gaming, but with different scores: 3-2, 3-1 и 3-0. The last match took place directly at MSI 2023.

The outcome of the match

Logically, Ruler should take the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 title. The Bin factor cannot be discounted, but it is very hard to believe in Bilibili's success directly in the MSI 2023 Grand Finals.

However, I do remember DRX and Worlds 2022 and I can see what Bilibili are doing. They seem to be on the heat and will take this match, but they won't take it lightly.

Bottom line: victory for Bilibili Gaming.

JD Gaming are listed as the favorites of the match in the majority of bookmakers and odds on them are equal to 1.257. Bilibili Gaming, in turn, are the outsiders of the match. Odds on their victory are about 6.624.

What the team performance statistics say

Last MatchesJD Gaming Bilibili Gaming
5 matches (wins)54
10 matches (wins)108

We will also remind you of the statistics of matches that the teams played with each other.

The competitors have held 19 matches.

In these matches JD Gaming won 13 times, Bilibili Gaming active consisits of 6 wins.