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We continue our analysis of the Mid-Season Invitational 2023 bouts with a betting tee on JD Gaming vs Bilibili Gaming. The game is, without exaggeration, a big deal.

The Chinese top clubs will play each other for passage to the final of the MSI 2023 top net. The winner here guarantees themselves a top 3 position in the first big tournament of the season, and I think both sides are aiming for nothing but wins.

We'll try to see how the LPL derby turns out. Will JD Gaming be able to repeat the result of the LPL Spring 2023 final or will Bilibili Gaming take revenge.

Let's begin.

JD Gaming uniforms

Let's start the review of the match between the top 2 teams of LPL Spring 2023 with an analysis of the JD Gaming's playing form. In this match, they will be playing as favourites.

Bookmakers are giving odds of around 1.4 for JD Gaming to win. A similar figure in bo5 leaves chances for Bilibili Gaming, but getting ahead of ourselves we should note that there are very few.

JD Gaming have earned their status as favourites by winning the LPL Spring 2023. JD Gaming won their league quite confidently, as befits a top-1 team in recent years. However, the JDG's early run through the LPL Spring 2023 play-offs was not entirely painless.

After finishing the group stage with a 13-3 statistic, JDG went straight to the top semifinals. There, in their first match, Canavi and company faced Bilibili and outplayed their vis-a-vis in a tight, full-fledged boo5. Next, it was easier: 3-0 against Edward Gaming and a repeat victory over BLG, but with a score of 3-1.

  • JD Gaming line-up: 369, Kanavi, Knight, Ruler, Missing.

The JDG title squad arrived at MSI 2023 as one of the main contenders to win. So far, they have had no resistance in the play-offs of the first international tournament in 2023.

In their only match so far, JDG slammed North America's second team, Golden Guardians, without any problems. The duel ended with a predictable 3-0, but the upcoming match has every chance of being longer.

JD Gaming's most popular heroes

  • Top Line: Renekton (7 games, 71% wins), KSante (7 games, 85% wins), Sion (4 games, 100% wins)
  • Jungle: Wukong (5 games, 100% wins)
  • Centre Line: Ahri (3 matches, 100% wins).
  • Gunner: Zeri (2 games, 100% wins), Aphelios (2 games, 100% wins).
  • Supporters: Lulu (2 games, 100% wins), Rakan (2 games, 100% wins).

There is nothing to prevent a repeat of the LPL Spring 2023 Grand Final on April 15. The participants are still the same, except the scenery has changed a bit, but I don't think they'll affect the final result.

However, Bilibili Gaming had a very good chance to take on JDG in the LPL Spring 2023 Top-Set semifinals in the past and will now try to take advantage of the new one.

Bilibili Gaming's form

We continue the match review with an analysis of Bilibili Gaming's playing form. In this encounter, they will be playing in underdog status.

Bookmakers do not particularly believe in the success of the second LPL team. The odds on BLG's victory are estimated at around 3.2.

BLG have shown a great half of the season, which is still going on. Their ascent to the top of the world stage began with the transfer to Team Yagao, and continued with concrete achievements at events.

The opener was Weibo Cup 2022, where BLG finished second to repeat the result at the far more important and iconic LPL Spring 2023. BLG's journey through LPL Spring 2023 can be called a "miracle run" as they surpassed all expectations.

Having got into the tournament's play-offs from 5th place, BLG started their way to the championship from the second stage of the main stage. They had to take turns defeating Royal Never Give Up, Weibo, then made it to the top 4, there fell to the bottom net, beat Oh My God (3-2) and Edward Gaming (3-2) and had a chance to take down the final boss, JD Gaming, but it did not go.

The LPL Spring 2023 Grand Final ended in second place for BLG, but you can't call that a bad outcome. BLG got a ticket to MSI 2023 and that's the main thing.

  • BLG: Bin, XUN, Yagao, Elk, ON.

Mid-Season Invitational 2023 started for Bilibili Gaming with a warm-up Play-In, where the top 2 LPL lost only 1 card in their match against Golden Guardians.

In the first play-offs match, BLG fought the first LCS team, Cloud9. The Americans weren't visible in the course of the game and BLG slammed C9 with a 3-0 score without any problems.

Bilibili Gaming's most popular champions

  • Top line: Renekton (7 games, 71% wins), KSante (7 games, 85% wins), Sion (4 games, 100% wins)
  • Jungle: Wukong (5 games, 100% wins)
  • Centre Line: Ahri (3 matches, 100% wins).
  • Gunner: Zeri (2 games, 100% wins), Aphelios (2 games, 100% wins).
  • Sappers: Lulu (2 games, 100% wins), Rakan (2 games, 100% wins).

BLG has a trump card up their sleeve - it's Bin. The team's top man is the reigning MSI 2023 champion and so he will need to be paid attention. Also, the Yagao factor is in place: current mid laner BLG is a former JD Gaming centre line player and so the match is gaining in value.

BLG - JD Gaming matchup history

JD Gaming and BLG have played 3 face-offs in the 2023 season. Three times BLG tried, but they never succeeded in turning it around.

Result of the match

In the LPL Spring 2023 finals rematch, I'd like to believe in a rematch from BLG, but it's a bit early for them to beat JD Gaming. I'm sure BLG will squeeze a card, and if the outcome is good and two, but strangle JDG, given their iron-clad lining will be very difficult.

Outcome: 3-1 win for JD Gaming.

According to leading bookmakers predictions, the team JD Gaming are the favorite with average odds 1.188 at the moment. Respectively, bookmakers consider Bilibili Gaming to be the outsider of the match with odds on a victory in the sum of about 6.155.

What are the successes of the teams in the last games

Last MatchesBilibili Gaming JD Gaming
5 matches (wins)45
10 matches (wins)79

Gamblers will definitely be interested in the statistics of personal meetings between the teams.

The competitors have held 18 matches.

In these battles Bilibili Gaming got 6 victories while JD Gaming managed to take 12 matches.