Match Prediction: Invictus Gaming - JD Gaming | LoL

The off-season in the competitive League of Legends is officially open. In the Chinese region, NEST 2022 starts, the largest event before the start of the regular LPL and LDL leagues.

The essence of the championship is simple: 14 teams fight each other for a total prize pool of $90,000. The catch of the championship in the teams - mixes from the LPL and LDL teams play at NEST 2022.

This approach gives clubs the opportunity to discover young talents in order to later grow them into top players. This function is used by top organizations, including Invictus Gaming with JD Gaming.

The club is the world champion and the club is the champion of the LPL Summer 2022. It seems that the sign of the match is what you need.

I propose to look at this match and try to figure out who will be stronger.

J.D. Gaming kit

Let's start with JD Gaming. In this match, the club that won the LPL Summer 2022 is given odds of 1.87 by the bookmaker to win.

The number 1.87 means one thing - absolute equality in the match. It's hard to argue with that given the aforementioned format of the tournament.

JD Gaming, after a resource-intensive 2022 season and even more expensive Worlds 2022, will take part in NEST 2022, but we will not see the core players in the roster. However, we will see the youth team of the Chinese giant, from where in the near future, someone can go to the starting roster.

JD Gaming roster at NEST 2022

  • Unravel
  • Maggie
  • zzx
  • insulator
  • 1xn
  • Feather

All six come from Joy Dream, the academic staff of JD Gaming. Six of them for exactly the same reason why JD Gaming play at this event - the tournament format allows.

If we talk about personally by performers, we can single out Insulator. He managed to play for the basis of Ultra Prime. The rest of the players are mostly Joy Dream guests.

Heroes JD Gaming

In the woods, Viego performed best (10 matches, 9 wins). Wukong was slightly behind (7 matches, 85% of wins).

Ahri played in the center (80% of wins over 15 games). There were also “Chinese” Taliyah (87% of wins in 8 matches).

On ALC, either Aphelios (14 matches, 71% win rate) or Ezrael (10 games, 71% win rate).

Support used Nautilus (6 matches, 83% win rate) or Lulu (6 matches, 33% win rate).

Invictus Gaming kit

JD Gaming will face Invictus Gaming. The chance of this Chinese club to win is estimated at 1.87.

As we can see - full parity. Everything hints at it.

If we watched such a match within the framework of the conditional LPL, then yes, no doubt, the advantage would be for JD Gaming. IG failed to return to the top of the Chinese League of Legends for the third year in a row.

However, we do not have LPL here, but NEST. The time of the young.

Invictus Gaming roster at NEST 2022

  • neny
  • Tianzhen
  • MG
  • Ahn
  • XinLiu

The situation is the same as with JG Gaming. LDL Academic League players announced for NEST 2022. Of the five, we single out ADC Ahn: he managed to play for Invictus Gaming for a total of about six months, so you definitely can’t call him an amateur. In addition, XinLiu also played as a base this year, both as a shooter and as a support.

Heroes of Invictus Gaming

In the top most often appear: Jax (14 matches, 57% wins), Gwen (11 matches, 27% wins), Gnar (5 games, 20% wins).

Rates in the forest: wukong (14 matches, 64% wins), Xin Zhao (10 matches, 30% wins), Viego (8 matches, 12% wins).

The center line went: Taliyah (6 games, 50% wins), Ahri (5 matches, 80% wins), Galio (3 matches, 33% wins).

The following went to the ADC position: Aphelios (12 games, 50% wins), Draven (5 games, 60% wins), Kalista (3 appearances, 0 wins).

Supports: Renata Glasc (7 matches, 57% win rate), Nautilus (7 matches, 42% win rate), Senna (5 games, 40% win rate).

History of personal confrontations

The teams did not meet in such rosters. We did not nominally meet.

Match outcome

In this fight, I expect an equal fight, with a potential advantage in the direction of Invictus Gaming. Although the JD roster (read Joy Dream) took the 3rd line at the last LDL, several IG players had experience playing in the main league of China, and therefore I will bet on them with caution.

Outcome: victory for Invictus Gaming.

At the moment, the majority of bookmakers unanimously see the team Invictus Gaming as the favorite of the game with average odds on a victory in the sum of 2.312. JD Gaming chances to prevail are evaluated with average odds 6.54 by bookmakers.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesInvictus Gaming JD Gaming
5 matches (wins)34
10 matches (wins)49

The statistics of personal battles between teams is also important for successful bets. The competitors have held 21 matches. In these battles Invictus Gaming got 13 victories while JD Gaming managed to take 8 matches.