Match Prediction: JD Gaming - T1 | LoL

In America, the main event of the competitive season of the League of Legends continues. We have reached the semi-final stage at Worlds 2022.

Four teams continue to march for the Summoner's Cup. The first match in Atlanta will be a confrontation between T1 and JD Gaming.

South Korean grand in the battle with the reigning world champions. Such a sign should please fans of the competitive League. I'm sure it will.

We figure out which of the teams will be stronger and will be the first to reach the grand final, and who is destined to stop two steps away from the cherished goal.

Form T1

In the status of a favorite, T1 will approach the match. The chance of success of the South Korean club is estimated by the bookmakers with a coefficient of around 1.7.

The figure for League of Legends is atypical. She bluntly says that there is no actual favorite in the game.

The fact that on T1 they give 1.7 for all inputs, drawing them in the status of a favorite, albeit a minimal one, raises some questions. At least during the season the team did not look so monumental.

T1 Performance

Before parsing the T1 form, it is worth noting that we evaluate them in relation to themselves. I'll explain now.

This season T1 had a “normal”. Not good, not great, just ok.

Moreover, in the coordinate system of the South Korean TOP, this is a victory at LCK Spring 2022, TOP-2 at Mid-Season Invitational 2022 and TOP-2 at LCK Spring 2022.

Some people never dreamed of such results, but for the “forever young” and constantly rushing forward T1, this is a rather average indicator.

T1 advanced to Worlds 2022 with 190 points in the LCK Championship table.

T1 at Worlds 2022

At the final tournament in 2022, T1 got into group A. Faker's opponents were EDward Gaming, Fnatic and Cloud9. The company is quite solid: the reigning world champions, who overclocked during the Fnatic event and the best team in North America, Cloud9.

However, for T1 there should not have been much difference who would confront them. In fact, this is what happened: the team lost 1 map and then gave it to Fnatic, which irritated Faker and the company a little, and they went through the rest of the series like a skating rink.

T1 advanced to the playoffs from the first place of group A, which later got to Royal Never Give and took revenge for the final of the Mid-Season Invitational 2022. T1 succeeded: the “kings” were overthrown with a score of 3-0, and the South Korean club continued movement to the next cup.

Composition T1

  • Zeus
  • Oner
  • Faker
  • Gumayusi
  • Keria

I think it doesn't make much sense to go through T1 personalities. The cream of the South Korean League of Legends are defending the colors of T1 led by the indispensable Faker, for whom this year's title could be 4 (!) in his career. There are two stages left, and it seems that the match against JD Gaming will be decisive in this regard.

Heroes T1

For the T1 World Championship, the following were chosen:

Top lane: Fiora, Jax, Aatrox. All appeared once, only Jax lost.

Picked into the woods: Viego (2 matches, 50% win rate) and Lee Sin (1 match, 100% win rate)

In the mid lane, Faker played Akali (2 matches, 50% win rate) and Lissandra (100% win rate with 1 spawn).

At ADK, Sivir (1 match, 100% win), Aphelios (1 match, 0% win), Kaisa (1 match, 100% win) were chosen.

Of the supports, Yuumi (100% wins in 1 match), Thresh (1 match, 0 wins) and Alistar (1 match, 100% wins) were honored.

JD Gaming form

JD Gaming will play catch-up in this match. The team's chance of winning is estimated by a coefficient around 1.9.

When we talk about 1.9 per underdog compared to 1.7 per favorite in the high-level League of Legends, this leads to the only thought - we have de facto equal teams. On paper, it does.

LPL champions are always a formidable opponent. Especially considering the fact that the team from the region has grown in the level of play in recent years.

JD Gaming Performance

In terms of status and “history”, JD Gaming cannot match T1 – the difference is too big. Nevertheless, in the game plan of JD Gaming, they can and should be compared.

During the season, the team took 4th place at LPL Spring 2022, and then became the champion of LPL Summer 2022, thus advancing to the main event without any obstacles. Well, if you do not consider the multi-week LPL routine as an obstacle, then without - yes.

JD Gaming at Worlds 2022

At the 2022 World Championship, JD Gaming fell into Group B. JD Gaming's rivals in the quartet were DAMWON Gaming, Evil Geniuses and G2 Esports. By the way, the group is no weaker than the four A, from where T1 made their way to the playoffs.

During the group stage, JD Gaming won 5 victories and stumbled only once - this happened in the match against DAMWON Gaming in the final match of the group.

The loss brought JD Gaming to tiebreaks, where 369 and company took revenge on DAMWON.

Having left group B in the first place, JD Gaming in the first round of the Knockout Stage (playoffs) hit the Europeans from Rogue, who were outplayed on three maps without any problems.

JD Gaming roster

  • 369
  • Kanavi
  • Yagao
  • Hope
  • Missing

The team gathered the strongest representatives of the Chinese region in its ranks and strengthened the roster with the South Korean legionnaire Kanavi. It will be interesting to see the latter in the match against Oner.

Heroes JD Gaming

Gangplank appeared in the top most often (7 matches, 85% of wins), but Gnar was also (7 matches, 57% of wins).

In the woods, Viego performed best (10 matches, 9 wins). Wukong was slightly behind (7 matches, 85% of wins).

Ahri played in the center (80% of wins over 15 games). There were also “Chinese” Taliyah (87% of wins in 8 matches).

On ALC, either Aphelios (14 matches, 71% win rate) or Ezrael (10 games, 71% win rate).

Support used Nautilus (6 matches, 83% win rate) or Lulu (6 matches, 33% win rate).

History of personal confrontations

Previously, the teams did not play each other. The semi-finals of Worlds 2022 will be the debut official match between the two teams.

Match outcome

In this fight, I expect a colorful game, which is hinted at by the pre-match balance of power. T1 seems to be more attractive: the club managed to play both in the home league and at MSI, and now it looks like it is ready to take the next Summoner's Cup to its asset.

Result: T1 win.

All bookmakers have agreed that T1 is the favorite. This can be noticed because odds on them are 1.47. This number in the favor of JD Gaming amounts 6.137. Respectively, the last ones are the underdogs of the upcoming match.

How the teams played in the last matches

Last MatchesJD Gaming T1
5 matches (wins)55
10 matches (wins)108

Gamblers will definitely be interested in the statistics of personal meetings between the teams. The participants in the battle before the meeting played 0 matches with each other. In these battles JD Gaming got 0 victories while T1 managed to take 0 matches.