YamatoCannon became a coach of Team Vitality

Jakob «YamatoCannon» Mebdi has signed a full contract with the organization, which is timed until the end of 2018. Jakob will hold a coaching slot and will manage the roster at near championships.

The previous workplace for Mebdi was the organization Splyce, together with them he could come out to the final of 2016 EU LCS Summer Split and qualify to 2016 Season World Championship. Guys had to part their ways in April 2017, after the relatively failed participation at 2017 EU LCS Spring Split.

The current roster of Team Vitality:

Lucas «Cabochard» Simon-Meslet
Erlend «Nukeduck» Våtevik Holm
Pierre «Steelback» Medjaldi
Ha «Hachani» Seung-chan
Charly «Djoko» Guillard
Lee «GBM» Chang-suk
Baltat «AoD» Alin
Jakob «YamatoCannon» Mebdi (coach)