Team EnVyUs gathered a League of Legends roster

Esports organization announced that League of Legends roster for 2017 season is completed. The positions of AD Carry and Jungler are taken by Apollo «Apollo» Price and Nam «LirA» Tae-yoo correspondingly.

Team EnVyUs decided to announce this news on their Twitter account. It should be mentioned that Zach «Nientonsoh» Malhas who previously played on AD Carry position is now moved to the substitute players and changes his position to Mid Lane.

On December 16, the organization announced that Benjamin «LOD» deMunk decided to leave the team and joined Team Dignitas. A little bit later, Team EnVyUs announced that Kim «Procxin» Seyoung leaves the team, and other players remain in the roster.

Before joining Team EnVyUs Apollo played for Team Dignitas, but left the organization on December 16, when LOD joined it.

Nam «LirA» Tae-yoo в прошлом сезоне играл за Afreeca Freecs. Следующий сезон он начнет в составе Team EnVyUs.

During the previous season, Nam «LirA» Tae-yoo played for Afreeca Freecs. In the next season, he will play for Team EnVyUs.

Team EnVyUs roster:

Shin «Seraph» Woo-yeong — Top Lane
Nam «LirA» Tae-yoo — Jungle
Noh «Ninja» Geon-woo — Mid Lane
Apollo «Apollo» Price — AD Carry
Nickolas «Hakuho» Surgent — Support