SK Telecom T1 signed Untara

Ui «Untara» Jin-Park joined SK Telecom T1 as the second toplaner and will compete with Heo «Huni» Seung-hoon for the place in the main roster.

Ex-second toplaner of the team, Kim «Profit» Joon-hyung moved to Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Ui «Untara» Jin-Park started his career of esportsman in 2014. Since that time he has been playing for such organizations as Star Horns Royal Club, CJ Entus, Rebels Anarchy and EP.Carries. Playing under CJ Entus tag, he was dismissed from LCK Summer 2017.

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Right after the start of LCK Spring 2017, SK Telecom T1 decided to sign Heo «Huni» Seung-hoon and Kim «Profit» Joon-hyung. Profit did not become the main toplaner and played only 9 games during LCK Spring 2017. All Mid-Season Invitational 2017 participants were allowed to take only one reserve player and SK Telecom T1 decided to take Kang «Blank» Sun-gu.

SK Telecom T1 roster:

Heo «Huni» Seung-hoon
Han «Peanut» Wang-ho
Lee «Faker» Sang-hyeok
Bae «Bang» Jun-sik
Lee «Wolf» Jae-wan
Ui «Untara» Jin-Park
Kang «Blank» Sun-gu
Kim «Sky» Ha-neul