Shin «Nuclear» Jung-hyun and Choi «Chei» Sun-ho joined H2k-Gaming

H2k-Gaming signed Shin «Nuclear» Jung-hyun, playing on AD Carry position, and Choi «Chei» Sun-ho, playing on support position. These two players completed H2k-Gaming roster, and the team is totally ready to the participation in EU LCS 2017.

For the last two months, H2k-Gaming decided to make several changes in a roster. Konstantinos «FORG1VEN» Tzortziou and Aleš «Freeze» Kněžínek, playing for AD Carry, and Oskar «VandeR» Bogdan, playing for Support, left the roster. Previously, Fabian «Febiven» Diepstraten took the Mid Lane position instead of Ryu «Ryu» Sang-ook, who transferred to Phoenix1. The players who did not leave the team decided to renew their contracts with H2k-Gaming organization for the upcoming season.

Shin «Nuclear» Jung-hyun started a career of professional esports player a year ago, playing for SBENU Sonicboom and SBENU Korea in the second rank of LCK Korean League. The team did not manage to take a reward in the transferring matches to the first rank of LCK Spring Split 2017. The roster was dismissed, and the players became free agents.

Choi «Chei» Sun-ho started his esports career in 2013 playing for Xenics roster. During the previous season, he has been playing for Jin Air Green Wings.

H2k-Gaming current roster:

Andrei «Odoamne» Pascu
Marcin «Jankon» Jankowski
Fabian «Febiven» Diepstraten
Shin «Nuclear» Jung-hyun
Choi «Chei» Sun-ho