ROX Tigers signed a new League of Legends roster

ROX Tigers announced gathering a new League of Legends roster. 4 Afreeca Freecs ex-players and 2 CJ Entus ex-players joined a roster. This information appeared on the official Facebook page of the organization.

Sun «Mickey» Yong-min, Yoon «Seonghwan» Seong-hwan, Kwon «Sangyoon» Sang-yoon and Heo «Lindarang» Man-heung have been playing for Afreeca Freecs since December 2015. These four players managed to take 5th place in LCK Spring 2016 and LCK Summer 2016 tours, and also passed to Korean World Championship 2016 qualifiers. During the qualifiers, Afreeca Freecs lost in a match against Samsung Galaxy, and at the end of November, the roster was dismissed.

Park «Shy» Sang-myeon has been a member of main CJ Entus roster since December 2014. Together with the team, Park managed to become a vice champion of LoL KeSPA Cup 2015 and take the third place in LCK Spring 2015. He also passed to World Championship 2015. In 2016, he took 8 place in LCK Spring 2016 and 10 place in LCK Summer 2016. After that, CJ Entus were moved to Challenger league.

Kim «KeY» Han-Gi has been playing for Ever since September 2015. Together with Kim Han-Gi, the team won LoL KeSPA Cup 2015 and Intel Extreme Masters Cologne 2015.This spring, Ever returned to LCK and took 9 place in LCK Summer 2016.

ROX Tigers created League of Legends roster about 2 years ago. The team won на LCK Spring 2016, LCK Summer 2016 and LoL KeSPA Cup 2016, and took the second place in LCK Spring 2015, 3-4 place in World Championship 2016. In November 2016, all players left ROX Tigers. Some of them joined LongZhu Gaming, and some of them transferred to SK Telecom T1, KT Rolster and Afreeca Freecs.

ROX Tigers current roster:  

Park «Shy» Sang-myeon — Top Lane
Heo «Lindarang» Man-heung — Top Lane
Sun «Mickey» Yong-min — Mid Lane
Yoon «Seonghwan» Seong-hwan — Jungle
Kwon «Sangyoon» Sang-yoon — AD Carry
Kim «KeY» Han-Gi — Support