[Roster Change] Cloud 9: Rush out, Zeyzal in, Bunny FuFuu steps down and more!

[Roster Change] Cloud 9: Rush out, Zeyzal in, Bunny FuFuu steps down and more!

Cloud 9 has been doing quite well in the NALCS standings, currently being third place as of writing. Just behind TSM and Immortals, they have to defeat the giants if they ever want to get that sweet first place finish. However, it looks like their plan is just to get into the playoffs, as it's nearly impossible with Team SoloMid an Immortals' form and as they made some changes to thir LCS and CS teams respectively.  

Yoonjae "Rush" Lee is confirmed to have left Cloud 9 after a period of inactivity. Cloud 9 revealed that Rush had left the US and went back home to Korea over a month ago. Rush's leaving was a mutual agreement and it was due to personal reasons not specified. 

Bunny FuFuu, or the as we all know him, the NA God of Thresh, has confirmed with Cloud 9 that he will look to focus his attention more onto streaming. He will step down - a bit, but not entirely. He shall  remain in the LCS roster as a support. Don't worry, folks, Bunny FuFuu isn't going anywhere, he's just gonna be on Twitch a lot more than he is in the LCS. He will still live in Cloud 9's gaming house streaming Hook City videos.

As for Bunny FuFuu stepping down a bit on supporting, Smoothie will be playing full-time as he can, and it's also precisely why Bunny FuFuu wants to focus streaming first. He'll be playing for Bunny FuFuu if he isn't around, which is expected to be a lot now - as Cloud 9 and Bunny FuFuu confirmed.

Tristan "Zeyzal" Stidam shall be the newest addition to the NALCS roster of Cloud 9. He shall play as a substitute support as Bunny FuFuu shall be full-timing streaming. He'll be the one to play whenever Smoothie can't. Zeyzal is from the NACS roster of Cloud 9. Meanwhile, Licorice, a player for the sub team for NACS, will be playing as a substitute support for Cloud 9 Challenger.

More information about this roster change here: Roster Changes: Cloud 9

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