Rogue Warriors Shark disqualified from LDL Spring 2019

This news was reported by the representatives of the Chinese league LDL Spring 2019 on their official Twitter account. At one of the matches where Rogue Warriors Shark participated, three representatives of the mentioned team acted strange and the organization decided to investigate the case and to find proofs for their connection with the fixed matches.

In the end they defined that the mid laner Jie ‘Caocao’ Ren, AD Carry Kangjian ‘Zhanzhao’ Liao and Zhanhong ‘FengXian’ Liu were caught dealing with match-fixing. This case is not the first that has ever happened in the Chinese professional League of Legends league. There used to be a fourth player that also dealt with match-fixing. He played for the main roster of Rogue Warriors and participated in LPL Spring 2019. He, as well as the recently caught players, got punished with eighteen months of ban at all professional League of Legends matches. Unlike Rogue Warriors, Rogue Warriors Sharks lost not one but three players of the roster and now having only two esportsmen, the representatives of RW Sharks didn’t have any other way-out but to pull themselves off the championship.

According to the regulations of League of Legends Development League, the team that doesn’t have five players in the roster automatically loses its slot in the professional league. The representatives of Riot Games China kindly reminded about that to the team.

There is another especially interesting fact. The players took the undue risk at the relatively final stage of the ongoing league, at the playoff. We find another interesting circumstance: Rogue Warriors Shark had very good results during the championship. At the group stage they took the third place with the statistics of 17 wins and 7 losses. They lost only such opponents as Legend Esport Gaming and Young Miracles that had 19 victories, 5 failures and 18 victories, 6 failures, correspondingly. Thanks to such a good performance at the group stage Rogue Warriors Shark deserved to be one of 12 participants that made it to the playoff, to be one of 4 Best that started their way to the top with the quarterfinal. Now the winner of the pair Triumphant Song Gaming vs Team WE Academy will get a technical victory where they need to meet with Rogue Warriors Shark. It means that the win at the first round of the playoff stage will bring them a trip to the semifinal and Top 4 at the tournament bracket of LDL Spring 2019 that definitely motivates to win.

At the moment Rogue Warriors Shark roster is the following:

Bae ‘Holder’ Jae-cheol
Xie ‘XiaoYao’ Tao