QG Reapers gets a full League of Legends roster

On the official Weibo (Chinese social media) page, an esports organization QG Reapers announced that League of Legends for 2017 season is full now.

The last two players to join the team are Newbee Young: Kim «Khan» Dong-ha and Tang «CandySeven» Xin.

Previously, QG Reapers were known under the name Qiao Gu Reapers, but decided to change the name on November 6, 2016, after they’ve lost a sponsor. On November 30, the team found a new sponsor - a Chinese department of Cherry company. At the same day, QG Reapers bought Newbee Young and their place in LPL.

At the beginning of December, Kan «Kabe» Ho-man, playing on Top Lane position, Chang «xinyi» Ping, playing on Jungler position, joined the team. Both esportsmen are ex-players of Legend Dragon. In 2 weeks, ex-player of Oh My God, Hu «Cloud» Zhen-Wei playing on Support position, will join the team.

QG Reapers roster:  

Kim «Doinb» Tae-sang — Mid Lane
Kim «Clid» Tae-min — Jungle
Chen «Chen» Zhe — Top Lane
Wang «Alone» Zijun — AD Carry
Liu «Ahrl» Xudong — Support
Kan «Kabe» Ho-man — Top Lane
Chang «xinyi» Ping — Jungle
Hu «Cloud» Zhen-Wei — Support
Kim «Khan» Dong-ha — Top Lane
Tang «CandySeven» Xin — AD Carry