Phoenix1 gathers LoL roster

Phoenix1 told Yahoo eSports portal about gathering League of Legends roster. Two South Korea esportsman joined the team: Ryu «Ryu» Sang-wook, playing on Mid Lane position, and No «Arrow» Dong-hyeon. The information on signing a new roster appeared on December 5, but was not officially confirmed.

Except for the players, a new coach also joined the roster. Thus, Kim «Fly» Sang-chul will head a new roster. On November 22, Adrian «Adrian» Ma became a new member of Phoenix1.  Derek «zig» Shao and  Rami «Inori» Charagh renewed the contracts with the organization.

Phoenix1 managed to buy a slot for North Arena LCS. In Summer Split 2016, Phoenix1 took the 8th place. The team successfully defeated Echo Fox with 3:0 score, and preserved the right to participate in 2017 LCS League.

Phoenix1 roster:

Ryu «Ryu» Sang-wook — Mid Lane
Derek «zig» Shao — Top Lane
Rami «Inori» Charagh — Jungle
Adrian «Adrian» Ma — Support
No «Arrow» Dong-hyeon — AD Carry