Paris Saint-Germain signed Klaj

Johan «Klaj» Olsson joined Paris Saint-Germain and became the third support played in LoL-roster.

This information appeared in Riot Games database of contracts. Expect for Klaj, Lewis «Noxiak» Felix and esports director of Paris Saint-Germain, Bora «YellOwStaR» Kim, take the positions of support players.

Johan «Klaj» Olsson already had an experience of moving to Noxiak’s team. In 2015, Johan became a part of Fnatic and replaced Noxiak in the main roster. In summer 2015, Klaj played for Fnatic Academy, and together with this team he passed to 2017 EU LCS Summer Split. Paris Saint-Germain participate in EU Challenger Series since 2017 season. In Spring Split PSG, they took 3-4 place, and in Summer Split, they currently take the last place, having two defeats.

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Paris Saint-Germain roster:

Matti «WhiteKnight» Sormunen
Thomas «Kirei» Yuen
Jin «Blanc» Sung-min
Tomáš «Nardeus» Maršálek
Lewis «Noxiak» Felix

Bora «YellOwStaR» Kim — (reserve, support)
Johan «Klaj» Olsson — (reserve, support)