OMG signed WenBo

Zhang «WenBo» Weng-bo joined OMG team. Before becoming a member of OMG, he was playing for Hou Ge Ting team, that also belongs to OMG organization.

OMG also announced that Yin «LoveLing» Le, who previously played on Jungler position, and Zhang «bei» Yuze, who played on AD Carry position, Ieft the team.

On November 18, Yu «Cool» Jia-Jun, playing on Mid Lane position, parted lines with OMG. In a new season, he will play for NewBee.

Together with Hou Ge Ting, WenBo in the last Tencent Games season, took the third place after passing group stage on the first place and succeeding during the play-off stage. In the semifinal match, the team lost against Bingo Noxus Game.

Oh My God roster:  

Hu «xiyang» Bin
Hong «juejue» Yan
Xie «icon» Tian-Yu
Han «SmLz» Jin
Liu «Amazing» Shiyu
Zhang «WenBo» Weng-bo
Chen «World6» Yu-Tian