Ninja left Team EnVyUs

On the official Twitter page, Team EnVyUs announced that Noh «Ninja» Geon-woo left League of Legends roster. The reasons for such a decision are unknown, and the management of the organization has already started to look for a substitute. It should be mentioned that Alexey «Alex Ich» Ichetovkin is a substitute for the team roster.

Noh «Ninja» Geon-woo joined Team EnVyUs in May last year but did not manage to help the team to reach some significant results. In 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, the team took the last place with three wins and 15 defeats.

Team EnVyUs current roster:  

Shin «Seraph» Wu-Yeong (top)  
Nam «LirA »Tae-yoo (jungler)  
Apollo «Apollo» Price (carry)  
Nickolas «Hakuho» Surgent (support)  
Kim «Procxin» Seyoung (jungler, substitute)  
Alexey «Alex Ich» Ichetovkin (mid, substitute)  
Zach «Nien» Malhas (carry, substitute)