Meet League of Legends' newest addition to the Champions, Kled!

It's finally official! It turns out, the teaser poster sent out in South America turned out to be true. Riot employees over there released said posters to create speculation that a new champion is coming. Envitably, it did. Now we have Kled, a new meta champion with some pretty cute quirks to him, however, his skillset is nothing even close to cute. It's more like a terrifying hyper-carry skillset ready to chase down even the most mobile of Champions.

There's not much to talk about here as Riot literally does explain themselves and the champion. Heck, they always make detailed webpages just for the new champion just for us to fully grasp what the new guy is capable of. So with that, go check the new Champion out in all of its glory in its own webpage made by Riot - right now!

Here's the link to Kled, the Catankerous Cavalier's mini-site: KLED, THE CATANKEROUS CAVALIER

Here's the official patch notes (6.15) from Riot themselves, courtesy of Surrender@20: 7/26 PBE Changes!

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