MaRin left Afreeca Freecs roster

Recently, the information appeared that the top laner of Afreeca Freecs will not extend the contract with organization.

The rumors appeared that he might join SK Telecom T1, who are now looking for the player to take the upper lane position.

Except for MaRin, Afreeca Freecs also lost one of their coaches - Jo Gye-hyun. They signed new contracts for 2018 with 4 players of the main roster and one substitute player.

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Jang «MaRin» Gyeong-hwan had played for Afreeca Freecs since December 2016. Together with the team, he took 5th places on LCK Spring Split 2017 and LCK Summer Split 2017, but did not manage to pass the regional qualifiers to 2017 World Championship. Last year, MaRin also played for LGD Gaming. Jang Gyeong-hwan already has an experience in playing for SK Telecom T1. He became the champion of the world in 2015 being the member of the team.

Currently, Afreeca Freecs roster is as following:

Lee «Spirit» Da-yoon
Lee «Kuro» Seo-haeng
Ha «Kramer» Jong-hoon
Bak «TuSin» Jong-ik

Lee «Mowgli» Jae-ha (substitute Jungler)