Lee «PoohManDu» Jeong-hyeon became a new coach for Vici Gaming

Lee «PoohManDu» Jeong-hyeon, an ex-coach of SK Telecom (a three-times current champion of the world), became a coach for the Chinese esports organization Vici Gaming.

In a new team, PoohManDu takes the same position as in SK Telecom T1. Vici Gaming announced this information on their official page of the Chinese social media Weibo.

Previously, Yoon «Homme» Sung-young was a coach of Vici Gaming, but now Homme transferred to Team WE to take the position of the coach.

Earlier, another Vici Gaming player joined SK Telecom T1 — Bae «bengi» Seong-ung, playing on Jungler position.

Being a coach of SK Telecom T1, Lee «PoohManDu» Jeong-hyeon became the champion of the world, Mid Season Invitational 2016, IEM Season X — World Championship 2016 and LCK Spring Split 2016 champion.

Vici Gaming current roster:  

Zhu «Loong» Xiao-Long — Top Lane

Bae «bengi» Seong-ung — Jungle
Lee «Easyhoon» Ji-hoon — Mid Lane
Xu «Endless» Hao — AD Carry
Duan «Caveman» Deliang — Support
Lee «PoohManDu» Jeong-hyeon — Coach