Jacob «Cinkrof» Rokicki has been disqualified for the refusal to transfer to Origen

The Spanish League of Legends league Liga de Videojuegos Profesional has informed about the decision to remove Cinkrof from the participation in the league till Riot Games finds out the reason of player’s refusal to transfer to Origen.

Also, it is known that the representatives of Liga de Videojuegos Profesional will consider again the disqualification of Jacob Rokicki in three weeks.

ESPN, referring to its own source, claimed that Origen had made a complaint to Riot Games after the wrecking of its transfer. Origen had had to pay Baskonia a penalty for the preterm contract breakdown but Cinkrof, despite this, didn’t want to sign the agreement with Origen.

The title AS was the first to claim about the possibility of transfer Cinkrof to Origen. Everyone thought that he would come to Origen and stand-in for Kim «Wisdom» Tae-wan. Also, it was planned that Enrique «xPeke» Cedeño Martínez would come back to the middle line, the position of Aleksi «Hiiva» Kaikkonen, who was a support, would be held by Kim «Wisdom» Tae-wan. On March 1 Kim Tae-wan disappeared from the Origen’s roster in the database of eSportsmen’s contracts.

The Origen’s roster:

Max «Satorius» Gunther
Kim «Wisdom» Tae-wan
Yoo «NaeHyun» Nae-hyun
Erik «Tabzz» van Helvert