Flash Wolves won IEM Season XI — World Championship

Intel Extreme Masters Season XI — World Championship in League of Legends discipline ended today. In the result of the final match which was played in best-of-three (bo3) format Flash Wolves became a champion.

In the first match of play-off series Flash Wolves met H2k-Gaming and beat them with 2:1 score. In grand final they played against G2 Esports and won with 2:0 score.

The group stage was played in GSL system. The first matches were played in best-of-one (bo1) format. Other matches of the group stage were played in best-of-three (bo3) format. Two best teams of each group moved to the semifinal.

Intel Extreme Masters XI — World Championship took place in Katowice, Poland from February 22 till February 27. Spodek Arena hosted the tournament again, and the prize pool of the event was $150,000.

The prize pool was distributed in the following way:

1 place — Flash Wolves — $70,000
2 place — G2 Esports — $30,000
3-4 place — H2k-Gaming, ROX Tigers — $15,000
5-6 place — Hong Kong eSports, Unicorns of Love — $7,000
7-8 place — M19, Kongdoo Monster — $3,000