LPL has a second foreign resident

Lee 'Scout' Ye Chan, representing Edward Gaming, has officially become a resident of the Chinese League of Legends, LPL. This event means that Edward Gaming has the opportunity to conclude a contract with another foreigner without prejudice to itself.

The first resident of the LPL league was Scout's fellow Korean Kim 'Doinb' Tei San. He played for several Chinese teams and now plays under the FPX Esports banner.

Previously, it was possible to obtain the status of a foreign resident while in China after four years of residence in this country, but since 2016 the rules have become stricter. Now, to obtain the status, those who wish will have to go through the procedure of becoming a citizen of China.

According to the Riot Games regulations, esports clubs can have a maximum of two foreign players on their rosters. The rule does not apply to those esports players who have become foreign residents in China.

Now there is only one foreign player left on the Edward Gaming roster - Park 'Viper' Doo Hyung.

Edward Gaming Roster