Huya streaming service has become the exclusive distributor of the Chinese League of Legends

Chinese streaming giant Huya has become the exclusive distributor of League of Legends competitions in the country. The company has signed an agreement with tournament operator TJ Sports, under which Huya now has exclusive rights to broadcast the championships in the region.

The deal includes such tournaments as the League of Legends Pro League, aka LPL, League of Legends Delopment League, aka LDL, LPL All-Star event and other events organized by TJ Sport. It is reported that the deal was worth about $ 310 million.

The agreement was signed for a five-year period and will end in 2025. However, this is far from the first deal of Chinese giants with Riot.

In August 2020, another Chinese streaming platform, Bilibili, signed an agreement on exclusive rights to broadcast international events. For the next 3 years, Bilibili will broadcast the League of Legends World Championships, the Mid-Season Invitational and other international competitions.