Players are not the only ones who are surprised - the owner of the LoL team got banned for toxic behavior

Sergiusz 'Nitrozyniak' Gorskiy, who owns the 7more7 Pompa Team, received a ban from Riot Games for his toxic online presence. Such a verdict cannot be called unfounded, since for such an action, the League of Legends developers first of all conducted their own investigation into Gorsky's behavior on social networks.

They found evidence that Sergiusha regularly insulted his interlocutors on social networks. Riot Games gave Nitrozyniak until May 14 to sell its organization. Sergiusha Gorsky coped somewhat faster than expected and announced the sale of 7more7 Pompa Team on April 9. He did not name the person who became the owner of his team.

Riot Games is actively fighting toxic community behavior and players that spoil the game for their teammates. They recently introduced tougher penalties for those players who leave matches or leave the computer for too long. Despite this, Riot Games understands that users may simply have technical problems at home and for this reason the first punishment is quite mild - 30 minutes of the ban on searching for the game.