The Right Motivation - Riot Games Will Give League of Legends Skins to Blood Donors

Riot Games announced the beginning of cooperation with the donor association Blood Centers of America, under which blood and plasma donors will receive a skin for the hero Kai'Sa K/DA ALL OUT Epic in League of Legends. The announcement appeared on a website created specifically for the upcoming collaboration. You will also need to register there in order to receive free skins. The volunteers who donated blood will receive a code that can be activated on the website.

One of the required conditions for participation in the action is that potential donors must be US residents. The reason for this was some restrictions that Riot Games cannot influence.

On the official streams of the American League for LoL, LCS Spring 2021, the call "Become a real hero" will appear.

Riot Games wrote the following:

“For a month, we will be encouraging League of Legends community members who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate convalescent plasma (CCP) to one of 60 independent community BCA blood centers in the US. CCP is an important ally in the fight against COVID-19 because plasma recovered people contains valuable antibodies used to treat patients hospitalized with the virus. "