Summer Split 2020: event digest

LPL Summer 2020

Top Esports lost to the players from Invictus Gaming, who were the first to reach the mark of 10 wins in the Chinese league. JD Gaming are still behind Top Esports, while Victory Five is still in the 4th position. As a reminder, the best eight are entering the LPL Summer 2020 playoffs.

Top 8 LPL Summer 2020 Teams

LEC Summer 2020

MAD Lions are still in the lead, while Rogue is still in second place. The Misfits left the top six, losing their position to SK Gaming. Fnatic, Origen and G2 Esports are also in the top 6, which is important, since the top 6 teams will advance to the playoffs when the four remaining teams are left with nothing.

Top 6 LEC Summer 2020 Teams

LCS Summer 2020

In the American League of Legends League, Dignitas and Immortals occupy the last places and have low chances of reaching the playoffs, but Cloud9 and Team Liquid continue to occupy the first two places with a score of 10-2 and it seems that other teams will not catch up with them....

Top 8 LCS Summer 2020 Teams

LCK Summer 2020

In Korea, the format of the two-stage competition is the most interesting. There, five teams advance to the playoffs and the higher the team is, the better. The team that will take the first place in the group will go straight to the final, the second place will go to the semifinals, the third - to the quarterfinals. The teams that took 4-5 places in the group stage will go to the Wildcard match, where they will compete for the quarterfinals.

DragonX are now leading the group with a score of 9-1, while DAMWON Gaming and Gen.G Esports are on the 2nd and 3rd lines with a score of 8-2. Dynamics, KT Rolster, SANDBOX, SeolHaeOne and Hanwha Life are not in the top 5, and therefore some of the teams no longer have any chances of reaching the playoffs. Hanwha were finally able to earn their first win.

Top 5 teams LCK Summer 2020