The KOI roster has a big addition

In their social networks, the Spanish organization KOI shared with us information about the newly arrived members of the club. The team was joined by: Xico, WhiteKnight and Arvindir.

Francisco "Xico" Antunes, a 23-year-old Portuguese esportsman, will play the role of a mid-laner. Previously a member of many clubs: Team BDS, Movistar Riders, Team AURORA and G2 Heretics.

Matti "WhiteKnight" Sormunen, a Finnish 26-year-old player, will once again try on the role of top player in the KOI team. Played for such clubs as: Astralis, BIG and Unicorns Of Love.

At the moment, the composition of the KOI team looks like this:

The coach has alsojoined the team. It was Danusch "Arvindir" Fischer, a 22-year-old German who previously worked with such clubs as: EURONICS Gaming, ALTERNATE aTTaX, Iguana eSports and Huma.